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Transcript: Troy's Blakeney looking for way to win close games


"Thank y'all for being here. We need to change the last verse to these songs we've been singing lately. Find a way to win some of these close games. Certainly, proud of our kids and the way that they played in the second half after being down pretty substantially in the first half. We made a little push and got back in it, we had the ball on the 5-yard line with a chance to score to win the game or at least go ahead. This day and age when there are two minutes left on the clock, there's still a lot of football left for any offense or any defense to do what they need to do. Had we scored, we would have gone for two (points) to make it a three-point margin. It didn't happen so credit to your opponent, they did a good job and we're looking forward to find a way to competing with this Ole Miss group over in Oxford on Saturday." 

"We finally got a regular week. This is Monday-Monday, it's actually Monday; we call it Monday. We're off today. We practiced on Sunday-Sunday last night and we're going to practice on Tuesday-Tuesday tomorrow. It will be a little different in two weeks with the Friday game but at least we'll have to open week to get ready for our last home game. I hope we can get our students and people to come back on the Friday after Thanksgiving for this game, it's a 1 p.m. game."

"Ole Miss, Hugh Freeze is a good coach, a good recruiter. They built the program, already bowl eligible I believe. They beat LSU, they're capable all the way across the board. We've got our work cut out for us. We're going to try to produce a plan here today and the rest of the week and go compete as hard as we can compete against the Ole Miss Rebels in Oxford, Miss. It's a great SEC university and a good football team, it will be a challenge for us to compete with them." 


"Pride, bowl eligibility. We're trying to salvage something out of the season, which has been tough; it's been a tough schedule. We can still do something; we can become bowl eligible. I believe if we can become bowl eligible, we can get into a bowl. We've got some really premier players on our team and players that people really like to watch play and we've demonstrated really good followship as far as bowls go. It's another reason why I think Friday night is such a big game for us not only because we need to beat Texas State but we need to have a good turnout, it's also senior day. All this TV scheduling, we probably should have already had senior day but it's going to be Friday. We're going to honor our seniors with their parents and families alongside of them."


"I don't thinks it's ever a good time to play one of them. I don't know that we've ever one won in this slot but we've been close to beating some people. We had LSU on the ropes twice in this slot and couldn't quite close the deal. We've played good against SEC teams when in November they have an open slot. We get opportunities to play them for a guarantee. We've played pretty well against some of the teams we've playing in that slot so there is no reason to think this team won't. I think this team will go and give them all they've got. If it's good enough, it's good enough, if not, we'll move on to Texas State."


"We know what he's going to do and he knows what he's going to do. It's just a matter of when he's going to do it. They're prolific with Bo Wallace their quarterback. The thing I see is big linemen, speed at receiver and the mastery of the scheme after being there two years. Defensively, the same guy that was up there with him at Arkansas State went to Ole Miss with him. He's recruited well and it's started to show up. I really predict Hugh Freeze and his staff to build that program to a championship level in the SEC. That's a mouthful when you consider who they have to play week in and week out in that league."

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