For Men Only: Keeping “man boobs” under wraps

For Men Only: Keeping “man boobs” under wraps

(WXTX) - It's something that impacts more than half of guys in some way – "man boobs."

While many men grow a mustache or beard for no-shave November, this month is also very popular for trying to banish those male breasts. We took a look at this new trend, dubbed "Moobember" on Fox 54 News at 10.

There's a big increase of men, all ages, seeking cosmetic treatment to get rid of their "moobs" this time of year, to get ready for Christmas, according to plastic surgeons.

In most cases, these so-called man boobs are harmless. Experts say three ways to disguise them include wearing compression undergarments sometimes called "mirdles" or girdles for guys; wearing a shirt with vertical stripes or patterns but without pockets; and be careful not to develop your pecs too much at the gym - have balanced workouts that include your back and shoulders.

The Doctors show, on our sister station WTVM, focused on this hot topic last Friday.

"About 60 percent of men deal with some degree of man boobs. There are two reasons why. First, just having extra weight and fat everywhere will give you extra weight up there, but the second reason is a medical condition called Gynecomastia, that's actually Latin for man boobs or moobs."

There's also something called the "funkybod muscle top," which is basically a push-up bra for men to enhance their biceps, triceps and pectoral muscles. But the makers also found that the shirt's bra-like inserts worked wonders for men with "man boob" problems.

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