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Teens in Flight program provides benefits to military teens


If you are a teen who lost a parent or sibling at war or they were wounded in action we have a program for you!

It's called Teens in Flight, and you can earn a private pilot lesson free of charge.

The program is expanding on Fort Benning and provides flight training and aviation scholarships to teenagers coping with PTSD and self esteem.

Qualifying teens are able to earn college credit and possibly a full ride to college.

We spoke with the president and CEO of Teens in Flight about the importance of the program.

"The fun of aviation, we put them in the pane and we give them skills that at least while they are in that plane, they don't have to be thinking about the nonsense on the ground," said retired Col. Jack Howell. "The thoughts are about what they are doing and they are having fun. And of course their self -esteem is seriously boosted because they are going to be a pilot. Not every kid in that high school that they attended can say that."

For more information about Teens in Flight, please visit their official website.

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