Muscogee County Jail inmate pleads not guilty to cellmate's murder

Jeffrey McKinney. Muscogee County Jail.
Jeffrey McKinney. Muscogee County Jail.

In municipal court on Nov. 13, Jeffrey McKinney pleaded not guilty to the murder of his cellmate, Isaac Kindred.

Investigators say the guards first noticed water leaking from the cell as they were conducting a head count on Nov. 8, the night Kindred was found deceased. Deputies believed the leak was coming from the toilet. When they looked closer to the cell they noticed McKinney moving Kindred's bunk.

The guards then entered the cell. When they touched Kindred, they said he felt warm, but they are not sure if he was conscious. The deceased had a towel and a shirt covering his face. When the guards moved the towel, they saw blood on his face and noticed it was swollen. They then applied CPR on Kindred.

No weapons were recovered from the scene. McKinney and Kindred were the only two inmates in the cell at the time. There is no known prior conflict between the two inmates.

McKinney's mother, Marcia Johnson, says her son suffers from schizophrenia.

''Every time we go to court, I trying to ask them for help, to put him on medication or something and they refused to give me what I need. And I asked them what does it have to come to, somebody hurting him or he hurting them...and this is what it has come to,'' says Johnson.

Johnson says her son was arrest three weeks ago on aggravated assault charges. She says she has not been allowed to see him because he is on suicide watch.

The coroner has determined Kindred's cause of death to be strangulation.

The suspect did not give a statement.

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