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AU and AUM nursing students to train at Walter Reed in Bethesda


This spring, Auburn University and AUM nursing students will work with doctors and nurses at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. for an intense five day training program. The program is a first of its kind at Auburn.  

After a 23 years of serving his country and nursing fellow soldiers, David Crumbley joined Auburn in 2012 as an assistant clinical professor.  Before he retired, he spent  four years at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, caring for the wounded.

With more veterans choosing civilian medical care, Crumbly has heard from families struggling to find health care workers who can address their unique struggles.  He is dedicated to making sure AU nursing students answer that need. 

"So what we wanted to do is educate our nursing students when they go out and earn their degrees how to better care for this population," he said.

This educational effort begins this spring when AU students travel to Walker Reed, Bethesda, for 5 days of intense training.  The plan is to take 12 to 20 students up for the training. Students will apply for the 2 hour elective course, and prepare in class for the work they will be doing at Walter Reeds surgical floor, ICU, mental health care, traumatic brain injury and physical therapy divisions.       

Faculty members believe the training will also help students treating non-combat related conditions such as motor vehicle accidents and head injuries; diabetic loss of limb and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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