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Changes coming to the GED test in 2014


Several people in the Chattahoochee Valley, and all over the country, are rushing to pass the General Educational Development Test, more commonly known as the GED. They have about six weeks to get it done before the whole process changes.

James Jimenez, a father of three, has been studying for the GED. "I'm trying to take my GED over," he says. "I've taken it once before, and I failed by 70 points."

Jimenez missed the overall score of 22-50 needed to pass. He says he's now studying three days a week, four hours a day at Chattahoochee Valley Community College (CVCC).

"I'm coming to school. I'm taking up math and reading and whatnot to try and enhance my skills, and possibly pass this time around," he says.

Jimenez, and with thousands of other hopefuls looking to get their certificate have until December 31 to pass the test. At that time, the slate will be wiped clean, and the test takers must start over with a brand new version of the exam.

Darlene Thompson, CVCC Director of Adult Education, says the test currently costs $50, but that is one thing that will change. "It will cost more," she says. "The cost of the test is going up to at least $120, but that is depending on the state where you take the test."

Jimenez says he does not feel like paying $120 the second time around.

Traditionally, students take the GED test with a pencil and a scantron, but in 2014, everything will move to computers.

According to, nearly one million Americans who have taken parts of the high school equivalency examination could be affected.

Thompson says the results may be positive."People are more successful because they're not having to bubble in on the scantron and make mistakes," she says.

Jimenez says it is no mistake, the work he's put in, and the dedication his teachers have devoted to changing his life.

"Just trying to make myself better, and get better at life," says Jimenez. "From what I see, I should pass this test with the help of them, thank God."

Jimenez plans to take the GED test again on December 3. We wish him the best of luck.

CVCC offers a free GED assessment test, and many other resources for those interested in taking the test. For more information, click here.

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