Startling Instagram account raises concerns of cyberbullying in the Valley

Startling Instagram account raises concerns of cyberbullying in the Valley

(WTVM) - Instagram, the popular online photo and video sharing social network service, enables its users to share their creations with friends.

One disturbing Instagram account brought to News Leader Nine's attention was activated in the Valley area.

The account targets young girls and includes condescending comments, some as harsh as hoping they would die.

Dr. Kelli Hodge, Superintendent of Chambers County Schools, is well aware of the cyberbullying happening in her district and with technology becoming more prominent the classroom; she is taking proactive steps to reduce the hate.

"We believe it's the school's responsibility to educate the kids on responsible use of technology because if we treat it as taboo in the school system then they may not ever see appropriate use of technology," says Hodge.

According to, nearly half of teens have been a victim of cyberbullying and only one in ten of those teens tell an adult.

The Chambers County Schools website is filled with information about how to keep students safe online and how to report incidents of cyberbullying.

They have now purchased a new program called Anonymous Alerts that will launch next week.

"Hopefully this will be a tool that will make kids feel a little more comfortable about not just reporting cyberbullying, but any harassment or any of those things that we choose to want to stay anonymous, but you want to be investigated," explains Hodge.

The Instagram account that started in Valley is now being investigated by the Chambers County Sheriff's Department.

Hodge's advice to parents is to talk to your kids and ensure their safety by monitoring their activity online.

"The only way we can ensure them their safety is to help hold these kids accountable and teach them to be responsible digital citizens."

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