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Keep Columbus Beautiful Shoe Recycling Campaign information


The Keep Columbus Beautiful Commission has officially launched their first community-wide Shoe Recycling Campaign.

The campaign is an effort to divert 30,000 or more pairs of shoes from our landfill, reuse them by sending them to developing countries and raise funds to support the Commission's programs and projects.

Dr. Cleo Griswould, Committee Co-Chair, is spearheading the recycling partnership with area and public schools. "It takes some shoes about a thousand years to degrade in our landfills," she says. "So instead of tossing them in our landfills, we're giving them to people who really need them."

Other commissioners are reaching out to businesses, civic organizations and churches to collect shoes.

Participating groups are asked to gather shoes and collect them in large, black trash bags containing 25 pairs per bag.

Anyone who would like to participate and was unable to make it to a drop off day may bring shoes to any of the following locations: the Columbus Botanical Garden, the KCBC office, GA Cooperative Extension office, the Government Building in UpTown, the City Services Center, and Trees Columbus, Inc.

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