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Transcript: Troy's Blakeney news conference 11/18

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Transcript of Coach Larry Blakeney's news conference 11/18 provided by Troy University

Larry Blakeney's opening comments

"You've heard me say it many times, when you go to an SEC venue you usually find SEC teams and players, certainly no exception in Oxford, Miss. I think since they made the change and Hugh Freeze has been there, they have really upgraded their talent, they're so simple and they coach them well. Their quarterback, he's not all that flashy but he gets a lot done for them. Defensively, they're not the biggest defense in the world but they are certainly aggressive and quick. I though we did a fabulous job keeping the ball way from their punt returners and kickoff returners. We did everything known to man to keep those guys from scoring on a kick. We were able to do that. It's something we can certainly take forward to the game with Texas State. We're in a day today where we're off. We'll practice Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We'll be off on Friday and then practice Saturday."

"We play at 1 o'clock on Friday. Black Friday is what they call it? I think they need to change the name of that. I certainly wouldn't have put it together that way if I was the big man upstairs and lining everything up. But, we've got to deal with it. Our students will be gone all week, our people have a lot to do I'm sure with Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Auburn-Alabama on Saturday. I hope we can get a crowd of people out to support these guys. It is Senior Day, we'll honor the seniors in a pregame ceremony then we'll try to find a way to win a game against Texas State, who's really been pretty good."

"Dennis Franchione. Number one he's a great human being and number two he's a great football coach. He's proven it at more than one place and certainly at Texas State also."


"They all have proven to be adequate at counting to ten. If you get six, we're at five, five plus one is six. I believe, after looking at the standings, the talk, the listening, we've got a chance to get into a decent game across the country anywhere. We've been to California to a bowl and it was awesome I'm telling you. And everyone that our conference is connected to is awesome, the one in New Orleans, the one in Mobile. I've heard reports about Detroit that are really, really awesome. I've hear about St. Pete and other bowls that would have an interest. If we can get to 6-6, I think we stand pretty well with a 4-3 record in the league. This is if we can beat Texas State."

"Again, I solicit our students and fans to come to this game. If you need any tickets, call me, I'll see if I can't find you some."


"I think it's a good thing. It helps with the fatigue of a long season. I think it gives us a chance to rest and give us a little head start with this game. It will give us a chance to acquaint ourselves with what Texas State has been doing over the years."

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