School Board votes to start $1.8 million renovations at middle school

School Board votes to start $1.8 billion renovations at middle school

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A $1.8 million project is scheduled to begin at Double Churches Middle School this winter.

Last year, 10 teachers and 20 students at the school reported feeling sick due to excessive moisture in the air. On Nov. 18, the School Board unanimously approved to renovate the school and put an end to a possible mold issue before it becomes a major problem.

"They've had some humidity problems at the school and as a result of that, we just felt like it had to be addressed through this project. Just simply a moisture problem, it did not result in any significant mold or nothing that would put the students in danger, just simply an issue of making sure we rid the building of the moisture. Commencing work fairly shortly as soon as we get all the contracts in place," says Superintendent David Lewis.

Lewis says the work at the school will not interrupt the normal class schedule.

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