Political commentator, military historian Lt. Col. Oliver North visits Ft. Benning

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) - Former Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North was on Fort Benning on Tuesday night.

The conservative political commentator and military historian visited post to promote his new book.

Fans of North got the chance to meet him and take home an autographed copy of "American Heroes: On The Homefront."

"I was in the service while he went through the difficult times, you know through the Iraq contract," said retired military Ashbel Pastor-Ramos. "I heard, I saw it, I lived it in my time frame while I was in the military so now taking a picture and reading the second book that I have from him is just going to be nice so it's going to be interesting."

Major Greg Majewski, our morning meteorologist and an Army reservist, snapped a photo with Lt. Col. North, whose new book gives a firsthand account of the Americans who have volunteered to join the United States military.

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