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Police searching for man harassing, exposing himself to school children


Police are searching for a man who is reportedly driving around town, trying to convince children to get in his car, and exposing himself. 

Patrols are increasing near places like Kendrick High School where authorities say the man has been spotted driving a black, four-door Honda sedan with a white hood. He has been targeting groups of students walking to and from school.

These encounters are occurring in the morning and afternoon around the time that students are out and about.

All of the victims are females between the ages of 12 and 16. Witnesses say the man pulls over and asks the girls to get inside. When they refuse, he pulls down his pants and exposes himself.  

So far, he has been spotted three separate times over the past two days.

Some parents are telling their children to stick together while walking to and from school, but so far that strategy has not worked. Police say the man does not care if the girls he targets are walking alone or in a group.

A Kendrick High School student says the man pulled up to her slowly in his car and said, 'Come here, girl.'

"To come that far and harass young girls getting off the school bus, it gets to a point where you don't know what he could have done next. It's just a blessing that he drove off and she made it home," says Tabitha Johnson, the girl's mother.

But it did not stop there. When the girl refused to come toward the car, the man pulled down his pants and touched himself inappropriately.

"A sick person with a little mind. Why are you doing this to our young ladies? Why?" says Pinkey Echols, the parent of a student who attends Kendrick High.

At least five separate girls have had encounters with this man. The driver is a black man in his 20s with a slim build and a low haircut, possibly with side burns.

Children waiting for school buses or walking home from class reported encounters with this man on Lawyers Lane, Amber Drive, and Mount Pleasant Drive.

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