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Big data festival puts Kansas City in spotlight


Your fingers are ready to do your holiday shopping, and websites recommend books, toys and other items based on your prior searches and purchases or even your Facebook friends purchases.

That's big data.

Kansas City joined 33 cities this week celebrating the international Big Data Festival. About 25,000 people are expected to attend the two-day session including scientists, architects, researchers, engineers, professors and others.

"When you're searching through catalogues or searching online for certain things, big data is going to help the providers of those services deliver in a more targeted way so you don't waste your time," said Doug Peterson, whose company, Big Iris, helps provide data service to healthcare imaging facilities.

In addition to businesses, governments can benefit from the tech trend. Analysts poured over information provided by the city of Kansas City.

The hope is to look at crime data, bus stop routes, requests for repairs to pot holes, animal control issues and other data to determine where improvements can be made.

"What's the ability to get off the bus at the end of the day and find a grocery store to provide a healthy meal for your family," explained Brad Welch, sales consulting manager for Tableau.

Experts say that when you call the city to complain, post a tweet or surf the web that you're creating data that can be used to make life easier for you and the entities and governments you patronize.

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