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Pay it Forward: Man finds four carat wedding ring in parking lot

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The sense of panic when you lose something can be overwhelming.

A gut-wrenching feeling can consume you if you've lost something as small as your car keys or your cell phone.

Imagine the feeling that took over a Chandler woman when she lost her four carat wedding ring somewhere at a Valley Costco.

But her everyday trip to the supermarket turned into something extraordinary instead.

James Romero was rolling his cart into the Costco off Cave Creek Road in Phoenix less than two hours after Janice Barry had left.

"All of a sudden I realized my hand feels lighter and I looked and my ring wasn't there," said Barry.

"I believe in karma. what goes around comes around," said Romero. "I'm going down and I see this shiny ring right in the middle where the cars would drive over."

Right in the middle of the busy parking lot, Romero had spotted Barry's four stone wedding ring. She tells CBS5 she has lost weight in the past few months, and the ring must have flown right off of her hand.

Romero is a husband and father of three small kids. He owns a local limo company called In the Scene Limousine.

"I didn't think that I scored and what could I go cash this in for," said Romero.

Once Barry realized her ring was missing she called the Costco to ask if anyone had found it.

Much to her surprise, Romero had already called and left his number with customer service. Barry called him and described the ring. They agreed to meet to retrieve it and Romero refused any reward.

Barry called CBS5 and asked for help paying it forward to a man she had never met, who exemplified a spirit of honesty and compassion.

She also baked him a caramel apple pie, making this segment also a "pie-it-forward."

"That's awesome. That's amazing. You didn't have to do that," said Romero when presented with $500 and a homemade pie.

"Shocked. A little emotional that they would take the time to do that," he said.

"We all know there are people who say finders keepers and in this case he chose to do the right thing," said Barry.

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