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Ron Blair could head back to trial for same murder he was acquitted of


A Columbus man found not guilty of murder could be heading back to trial for the same case.

A Columbus jury found Ron Blair was acting in self defense when he shot and killed Keon Coleman in March of 2012.

Although, Blair was acquitted he remained in the Muscogee County Jail because according to the state, there's a separate charge they plan to try him on.

Cooley claims the felony murder charge was bifurcated from the original charges. She says both sides agreed to separate the charge and try it at a later date; a claim the defense denies.    

The state is now trying to proceed with taking Blair back to trail but a constant change of representation is stopping them from taking him back to court, according to Cooley.

The state of Georgia is seeking to clarify who is representing Ron Blair.

The state contends attorney Michael Eddings, who was one part of Blair's original defense team, filed a motion to withdraw as counsel from the case.

Original lead defense Attorney Stacey Jackson could become a witness in a pending hearing on the case; Cooley says she's unsure how he can remain as counsel if he becomes a witness.

A third defense attorney, Cynthia Lain, also filed a motion to represent Blair, according to Cooley; Lain later withdrew as counsel.

Blair currently has two new attorneys, William Kendrick and Mark Shellnut.  

Shellnut says the state is breaking the law, "I have never found a case where the state got to try a defendant twice for the same murder," says Shellnutt.

Shellnut claims his team is prepared to take the case to the Supreme Court.

He says when a charge is bifurcated the law says it must be tried in front of the same jury that tried the original case.

Cooley says she and Blair's original attorneys, Stacey Jackson and Michael Eddings all agreed to try the separate charge with a new jury.

The attorney's declined to talk on camera dueto a pending double jeopardy hearing scheduled for December 6th.

Jackson and Eddings both couldpotentially be witnesses at that hearing.

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