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Survey: Thanksgiving meal costs $5 per person


This year's Thanksgiving feast might not take as big a bite out of your wallet and that's something to be thankful for. Thanksgiving dinner may not cost you as much this year.

The American Farm Bureau Federation released its annual price survey of a turkey day meal.

"The price that we came up with for Thanksgiving dinner for 10 was $49.04, and that was down just a few cents from last year," said John Anderson, AFBF's deputy chief economist

The average total cost of items typically served during the holiday meal is 44 cents less than last year's total. 

You can thank the main course for the big savings.

"The main item on our Thanksgiving survey is the turkey, which is not surprising," Anderson said. "It's by far the item with the biggest value in that market basket of Thanksgiving goods. And the price of turkey was down about 50 cents."

The average cost of a 16-pound turkey will cost about $21.76 this year.

Other Thanksgiving items that cost less than last year are peas, stuffing, cranberries, and dinner rolls.

"I don't think that's possible, not in today's world. I just think things are higher," said Columbus resident Delaney Groce.

Groce said they spend triple to feed her family of about 20 people.

"[We spend] a few hundred dollars, just feeding everybody. We have a lot of food," Groce claimed.

The AFBF reports some items have slightly increased: A gallon of milk, up seven cents, and three pounds of sweet potatoes, up 21 cents.

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