Lee Co. Commission adopts redistricting plan

Lee Co. Commission adopts redistricting plan

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - After three meetings and two public hearings, the Lee County Commission unanimously voted to approve a redistricting map for the county at its regular meeting, Tuesday.

"I want to represent my portion and I want to make sure whichever way we do it, we do it fairly and that is very important to people especially in my district and people throughout the county," explains Lee County Commissioner of district five , John Andrew Harris.

Harris was against the original map that was presented to the Commission in October.

His minority population dropped from 54 percent to 52 percent which he believed was an attack on district five, and would have forced Harris to take the county to court.

On the new map the Commission conceded, and added a half percent to Harris' district.

"I am pleased with them all because all I try to do is be fair because as a community we fought hard to get the right to be up here," says Harris.

"The purpose of redoing it is to make sure the districts stay even and that is what were trying to do and we're 17 people of having them even," explains Lee County Commissioner of district four, Robert Ham.

The new plan divides the county into five nearly equal districts, each containing just over 28,000 residents.

Ham's district four was impacted the most by the redrawing.

He gains about 3,000 people and more county roads.

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