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Nick Saban's wife: 'Bama fans spoiled, not appreciative

File Photo: Terry Saban (WSFA) File Photo: Terry Saban (WSFA)

Teams engaged in an annual rivalry as fierce as that of the Crimson Tide and the Auburn Tigers expect to hear a little - ok, a lot - of trash talk from the other side, but not from your own base, much less anyone in the head coach's personal camp.

In a new article published by the Wall Street Journal, that appears to be the case. The article focuses [Read here] on the woman behind arguably college football's best (and best paid) coach: Mrs. Nick Saban.

The coach's other half had some not-so-flattering words for the Tide Nation. It appears the first couple of all things crimson, hounds tooth and white are at "a crossroads".

Terry Saban is quoted as saying, "expectations get so great, people get so spoiled by success and there gets to be a lack of appreciation..." She says that's where she thinks she and her husband are at this point.

The Crimson Tide dominates teams week in and week out, and the results are etched in crystal... a lot of it. But with success comes the struggle of keeping fans interested, especially when a game's outcome is in-hand well before the first half is complete.

The University of Alabama has tried to address the issues of a large, empty student section this season. Students either haven't come for, or arrived very late to the games leaving the highly-visible section very empty in many shots broadcast on national television.

The drop in attendance eventually led to Saban, himself, addressing the situation. He proclaimed that if fans weren't going to come to watch the whole game, they shouldn't come at all, adding that there are plenty of people who would love to witness the game in person.

Fans responded to Saban's bold statement, including the now famous sign proclaiming that fans would give him 60 minutes if he would stay forever. The UA vs. Chattanooga game held last weekend had more than 100,000 in attendance, although with the help of some incentives.

For those who want to jump to conclusions on Mrs. Saban's bold statement as proof positive the couple is looking to leave Alabama, she makes clear in the article that there will be no leaving Tuscaloosa.

The Crimson Tide visits Auburn this weekend for an Iron Bowl full of challenges, and rewards for both teams. With the SEC Championship game, and potentially the last BCS National Championship game on the line, don't expect to see any empty seats.

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