Feeding an Army for Thanksgiving at Fort Benning

Feeding an Army for Thanksgiving-Part II

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) - Feeding an Army at the Fort Benning is more than a notion. It takes hours of planning and prep time to prepare the massive feast for 11,000 soldiers and their family members.

"We've been out in the field for weeks at a time and it's kind of a nice break for them" said David Park, Battalion Executive Officer of the 11th Engineer Battalion.

The Army Thanksgiving meal is being cooked by the chefs but served up by the commanders and battalion leaders of their units.

"The soldiers give their hard effort and work every single day and me as a leader; it's how I give back to our soldiers, serve the meals, serve the families and say hey, 'great job," explained 1st Sergeant Charles Fuller.

"It's really good to get the whole unit together and be able to share the camaraderie," said Joshua Horsager of the 11th Engineer Battalion. "You know we're constantly working overseas and hand in hand in here, and to have these guys stop their busy days and serve us it is a privilege."

If you're wondering how much food it takes to feed an army, Fort Benning officials provided News Leader 9 with this list:

6,982 pounds of turkey

3,122 pounds of ham

2,715 pounds of beef steamship round

3,155 pounds of beef prime rib

1,225 pounds of pork spareribs

1,998 pounds of shrimp

2,166 pounds of Cornish hen

2,068 Pies

12, 040 pounds of apples

3,440 pounds of bananas

1,712 pounds of grapes

7, 315 pounds of oranges

568 pounds of pineapple

800 pounds of watermelon

1,690 pounds of tangerines

234 gallons of cranberry sauce

950 pounds of mixed nuts

The meals will be served over three days through Thanksgiving Day in 14 dining facilities. Soldiers say it's a privilege to be served by their leaders.

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