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Six cats die in Albany fire, dozens more found on property


Albany firefighters say a cat is to blame for a fire that started at a home on Ken Gardens Road Wednesday morning.

Firefighters were called to the home a little after 11 a.m. to a report of smoke in the house.

As many as 30 cats survived the house fire.  Firefighters believe the fire started when a cat knocked a lamp off a table in this home in the 1400 block of Ken Gardens Road.

A woman was in a front room and did not spot the fire until it was too large to put out.  She escaped unharmed.  

Firefighters brought out a dog and several cats, while many more cats ran into the back yard.  
Firefighters used oxygen equipment to try to save several of the cats overcome by smoke.

"Then of course our attentions go to anything that's with life.  Pets.  Lots of time our firemen do, when we're going through searching for people.  We find pets all the time.  We throw them in our coat and bring them out too," said Battalion Chief Keith Ambrose


The home's occupant, a woman who has not yet been named, was not injured.


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