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Police: Murdered Kroger employee was targeted, not a random victim

Jack Combs Jack Combs
Dennis McDonald Dennis McDonald

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The Kroger employee shot to death outside the Hubbards Lane store where he worked was targeted, police said.

St. Matthews Police have created a nine-member homicide task force to handle the case. Investigators will talk with several people but haven't named a suspect, said Dennis McDonald, a St. Matthews Police public information officer.

Family members held a funeral Wednesday for Jack Combs. The 34-year-old shooting victim was walking to his car in a parking lot behind Kroger on Saturday night when someone killed him.

"It's safe to say our phone has been ringing off the hook," McDonald said. "Believe me, this police department has committed a lot of resources to solving this case."

Police have said they are following several leads, but so far they have made no arrests. They've determined the shooting wasn't drug-related or over a woman, but said they haven't ruled out that more than one person was involved.

The new information from police didn't ease concerns for Kroger shoppers Wednesday at the St. Matthews Woodlawn Center.

"I'm more on my guard now," said Judy Minnett, who regularly shops at Woodlawn Center. "It still makes you nervous, because this individual could target anybody."

Minnett said she would feel more at ease if police said would say why the shooter targeted Combs.

"I feel a little more safe (because it wasn't random) but that doesn't make me feel any better about it," said Brandon Ray, who shops at Kroger multiple times each week.

The reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case increased to $20,000 on Friday, after businesses and two local donors made contributions to the fund.

"We've got heightened fear and concern over this particular homicide," McDonald said. "If the person or persons responsible are interested in talking with police, they need to do that right away."

Detectives are now reviewing surveillance from the Woodlawn Center "second by second" to see if that will provide them with new leads, McDonald said.

To provide information to investigators, call St. Matthews Police at 502-899-2535.

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