Businesses see a boost in sales during Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday for the Chattahoochee Valley

Local businesses nationwide hoped to make big bucks on Small Business Saturday, and the Chattahooche Valley area was no exception.

American Express started Small Business Saturday back in 2010 nationwide. This is the second Small Business Saturday that was held in Columbus, Georgia. It stands between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While these two big shopping days focus on big retailers, Small Business Saturday supports the local shops.

Forbes Magazine stated that shoppers spent about 5.5 billion dollars on Small Business Saturday in 2012.

However, most of the local business owners in downtown Columbus told News Leader Nine that they did not do too well on Small Business Saturday last year. However, they said they made huge profit on 2013.

"We don't get the crowds that big box stores get, but we had a great day yesterday," Roger Stinson, the manager of Chancellor on Broadway explained.

Elliott Waddell, a sales person for Chancellor said he saw twice as many customers this year than he did in 2012 on Small Business Saturday.

"There is a week less between Christmas and Thanksgiving this year," Waddell said. "So I don't know if that is playing a big part, but I think many people are more conscious about shopping local. We saw twice as many people on Black Friday which surprised me. We saw about 60 to 70 people this morning for Small Business Saturday."

Elizabeth Hurst, vice president of marketing for Uptown Columbus explained that she hopes Small Business Saturday will be a kick off for local businesses.

"Many local businesses boom on Small Business Saturday," Hurst explained. "It's right after Black Friday and after waiting in long lines, people may realize local businesses have better sales or we might have something big box retailers did not have."

Roger Stinson said Chancellor makes great profit during Christmas and Thanksgiving. Waddell believes Small Business Saturday is a great start.

"It's very important that people support local businesses," Stinson said. "I'm a big believer of the 350 project. If everyone picked three local stores and spent 50 dollars a month with them, local businesses would pull themselves out of any financial problems."

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