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Cattle thieves strike small farm in Columbus


Enough meat to feed a family for an entire year- that's how much beef a farmer said he lost when someone slaughtered one of his cows and left it dead on his property. 

Beyond the financial loss that this theft poses to his small farm, Roger Brown and his wife are concerned that the animal may not have been killed humanely.    

It's the type of thing that Brown said he's read about happening out west in places like Texas where cattle farms are more prevalent.   Thieves sneak onto the ranch late at night and kill a young calf, disappearing into the night with hundreds of pounds of quality meat.   Except this isn't Texas, this is Columbus, Georgia.

"I'm probably the only one in Muscogee County who raises cows. We live on the east end of Muscogee County, and we've been living here for about 35 years, and we've always had cows, but we never had a problem with that," said Brown. 

Originally from California, Brown came here to train at Fort Benning as a ranger before completing three tours in Vietnam.   He and his wife decided to stay in this region after he retired and they've been raising cattle on their farm near County Line Road since the late 70s.   When he discovered the calf near the back of his property Sunday morning, his first thought was that it had been attacked by a wild animal.   But he could tell right away when he saw every last piece of meat missing from its body, this animal's skin had been cut with a knife.  

Valued at about $1500, Brown said this 7-month-old animal had enough meat to feed he and his wife for at least a year.   The beef would be worth a lot to a butcher shop, but it's possible whoever killed this cow is storing the meat in a freezer and keeping it for themselves, getting ready to feast on steaks from now until next winter. 

Brown and his wife have a lot of wildlife cameras hidden in the woods throughout their property, but they have hours of video to go through and they are still checking to see if any images of the thieves or the vehicle they used to haul away the meat were captured.

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