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UA student's apology to Cade Foster goes viral

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Kaitlin Goins (Source: WBRC video) Kaitlin Goins (Source: WBRC video)

By now everyone knows the outcome of the Iron Bowl, but some fans took the loss too far and one University of Alabama student had enough of it.

Shock was a common reaction for Alabama fans watching the last play of Saturday's Iron Bowl. University of Alabama student Kaitlin Goins was one of them.

"We were absolutely distraught," said Goins.

After UA kicker Cade Foster missed two field goals and one was blocked, some Bama fans took their hatred out on him. He and his family were reportedly even the targets of threats.

"I had to get it out and I had to write it. I had to let people know this isn't okay. It's not okay to tell a 22-year-old boy that his life is worthless or anything like that," Goins said.

Goins never imagined what she wrote in her blog would go viral. In her blog, she talks about how the Alabama fan base is like no other, but goes on to apologize to Foster for some fans.

"For 365 days of the year, you have practiced every day. You have focused every day. You have put pressure on your body that you will never ever be able to reverse. And you did it for us. And we could not give you a break for one loss. We couldn't even give you a break for one kick," Goins wrote.

Goins goes on to thank Foster for what he's done for the Crimson Tide the past few years.

"I want to thank you for your dedication, your practice, your endurance and your performance over the past four years, hit or miss, win or loss."

Goins hopes moving forward, fans will see a game as just a game.

"They need to take this as an example and they don't need to use this as a negative example," said Goins.

So far, 40,000-plus people and counting have seen this blog.

[Read the full blog post here.]

Cade Foster has not responded directly to the blog, but the kicker tweeted on his account on Tuesday:

My teammates are 100% behind me and I can't love them enough for that. Also thanks for the supportive messages from Fam, Friends, and Fans.

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