Superintendent to propose district reading program to improve student achievement

The Superintendent of Education, David Lewis, wants to adopt a district-wide K-5 reading program called Reading Wonders.

Lewis has visited all the schools over the last four months to observe the culture and more importantly to assess the academic structure of the overall teaching and learning process.

As a result, Lewis sees a demonstrated and immediate need for a high quality, research-and-evidence- based district reading series.

"Teachers are literally using whatever they can find or have at their disposal to teach the children of our district the fundamental skill of reading," said Lewis. "There's a glaring need for a unified program to address the needs of our students to help improve academic achievement and teacher success."

Other considerations that must be acknowledged include the transient rate of the student population and language barriers that a unified literacy program will address.

"Academics can improve at all levels if our children master the ability to read and interpret information, especially in the early years, which is also the basis of the newly adopted Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS)," added Lewis.

The proposed program, Reading Wonders, is published by McGraw Hill. A committee of teachers, principals, assistant principals and reading coaches reviewed the reading series. The team agrees that it is the best tool available for true alignment to the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards.

"Implementation of an effective reading program is imperative for our district's ultimate success," added Lewis.

The superintendent intends to recommend the purchase of the Reading Wonders program at the Monday, December 9, 2013, Work Session/Board Meeting. The meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. at the Muscogee County Public Education Center, which is located at 2960 Macon Road.

In the interest of transparency, the information about the proposed program is available to the general public for review at the BoardDocs link, which can be accessed at The agenda item also includes the rationale, cost alignment, methodology, ancillary materials, training, proposed rollout timeline, and research relative to the Reading Wonders series. A video is also available for review (Reading Wonders video link).

For more information attend the meeting, access BoardDocs on-line, or call (706) 748-2034 or send an e-mail to