Drivers gather at Columbus Park Crossing to honor Paul Walker

Drivers gather at Columbus Park Crossing to honor Paul Walker

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Car clubs around the Valley are paying their respects and honoring the fallen actor Paul Walker, who died in a single-car accident on Nov. 30.

Local drivers gathered at Columbus Park Crossing for what they called a 'car cruise' in remembrance of the Fast and Furious star. The movie series that made the actor famous features street races in sports cars. Authorities say speed played a factor in Walker's death, but that there was no drag racing involved.

Dozens of cars in Columbus cruised on highways to not disturb traffic in town. The event's organizers say the movies Walker worked in deeply inspired their love of cars.

"As a car enthusiast it's very important to us...know where he came from and what he's done for us we just want to show our respects," says organizer Arnulfo Navarro.

At least 30 cars and trucks were part of this quickly-organized cruise through Columbus.

Universal Pictures announced that it will donate a portion of the proceeds of the new Fast and Furious 7 movie to Walker's non-profit organization Reach Out Worldwide. The film's production and release have been delayed due to Walker's death.

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