Most Wanted--Tyrone Spann

Most Wanted--Tyrone Spann

(WTVM) - It's like looking for a needle in a haystack. This is the homeless suspect Muscogee County Sheriff officials have been on the lookout for.

He's 50-year old Tyrone Spann, and there is an active warrant for him for probation violation. He was originally charged with an unusual crime.

"He went to some place where there was a police line set-up to keep people out somewhere or something that was marked off by police, something that dealt with law enforcement that he wasn't supposed to go beyond it," says Muscogee County Sheriff Deputy Jeffrey Hackey. "Not to mention, he had drugs on him at the time he was arrested."

Police had no physical description of Spann but they do have this photo to show to the general public. Hackey admits, Spann being a homeless person makes the search for him a little tougher, but not impossible.

"Our guys are very resourceful, you never know they have ways of going out and being able to track pass trails, pass addresses, somebody who's homeless, there are only certain places they could stay," says Deputy Hackey.

So help police rid the streets of Tyrone Spann and put him back behind bars for his crime.

Remember, police need any information you can offer them regarding the whereabouts of Tyrone Spann. Your identity will remain anonymous.

Just call (706) 653-4225 if you can help police locate Spann.

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