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Former CSU African Studies professor recalls visiting Mandela's South African home


Judy Purnell, a former professor at Columbus State University, taught a course entitled African and African American Culture. When she reached the topic of great African leaders, Nelson Mandela was always part of the course.

She recalls visiting South Africa and Mandela's home where he was arrested. Her visit was during the repatriation period, and she says it was like going back in time.

"Nelson Mandela had just been released from prison," remembers Purnell. "I was there in 1998. The country was going through desegregation. It was much like being in the South during desegregation. Very strange for me, because I was here in Columbus Georgia during desegregation."

Purnell says there are still the Nelson Mandelas of the world, those who believe it's possible for all people to be equal and unified. Mandela's legacy, she says, will always be the cry for freedom and equality.

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