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Man indicted in 2003 murder of Dothan mother

Douglas Tyrone Armstrong (Source: Dothan Police Department) Douglas Tyrone Armstrong (Source: Dothan Police Department)
Debra Hopey Wilson was found dead at the Bee Line Motel on N. Oates Street. Debra Hopey Wilson was found dead at the Bee Line Motel on N. Oates Street.

A man currently in a Texas prison convicted of murder is now facing a murder indictment here in Alabama.

Debra Hopey Wilson, 40, was killed 10 years ago in Dothan and police officers now say they have enough evidence to prove who is to blame.

Police say 43-year-old Douglas Tyrone Armstrong murdered Wilson. Dothan Police have sent the indictment to Texas requesting to extradite Armstrong here for trial. However, he is currently serving a death sentence.

Police say Wilson was found dead in a room at the Bee Line Motel on May 17, 2003. She reportedly died from blunt force trauma to the head. Investigators say the two knew each other and apparently got into a fight.

He is "obviously a very disturbed person, a very sick person and just a criminal. We are glad he is locked up," said Dothan Police Department Maj. Steve Parrish. "We conducted interviews with this individual back in 2003. He was a person of interest at the time."

It's been more than a decade since Christal Wilson and Kesha Wilson Buckner have seen their mother.

"We won't have another mother, she can't be replaced," Christal said. "She's not here to see her grandkids. She's not here to talk to us. It's awful."

Although the pain is still very real, the sisters are relieved that police have finally solved her death and have evidence to prove who did it.

"It's been a long time coming and we are just happy that we have closure now," Kesha Buckner Wilson said.

"To be able to call the family and tell them that someone has been charged, that is a good feeling," said Cpl. Christopher Barberree of the Dothan Police Department.

According to authorities, new technology helped identify DNA and bring the case to a close. Investigators are hopeful more cold cases can be solved once and for all.

"We are going to continue looking at the cases we have and there may be a shred of evidence that we can use with today's technology to link a suspect to a victim," said Maj. Parrish.

Cpl. Barberree added, "it absolutely gives us hope anytime we can solve a case, so that's what we are going to keep doing."

For now, Wilson's daughters are working to carry on her memory and make her proud.

"It inspires us to be there more for our children and to show them love because what memories do we leave for our children to have once we are gone," Christal Wilson said.

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