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Floyd Middle Magnet School's Mr. K. Williams is this Week's Class Act

There is never a dull moment in Mr. William's class.  The 7+8th grader of Floyd Middle Magnet students enjoy learning science because Mr. Williams enjoy teaching it.

"Because I'm a science nerd, because I love the body, I love introducing the kids to new things and getting them pumped about science." Said Mr. Williams.

He believes that life science is an important subject for this age group.

"Right now they are learning about their bodies, they have every question in the world related to science." Said Mr. Williams.

To grab their attention, Mr. Williams keep his class interesting.

"I have an unorthodox way of teaching. I don't just come out of the textbook, I try and tell them about real life situations and peak their interest." Said Mr. Williams.

 And he motivates his students to do their best. 

"Middle schoolers they are learning a lot about the world right now and I want to make sure I guide them in the right direction." Said Mr. Williams.

Congratulations Mr. Williams, you're this week's Class Act. 


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