Exclusive Preview of News at 6 and 11

Good evening, from Jason Dennis at WTVM. Here's what we are working on for the news at 6 and 11!

A female employee at a local Wal-Mart is kidnapped, right outside of the Columbus area store where she works. Later tonight, hear from this young woman about the terrifying experience, and find out more about the two car jackers still on the run from police.

It was a massive international tribute for Nelson Mandela today in South Africa. See how leaders and people from all over the world are remembering this global icon. And also, see how controversy is being stirred by something that happened at today's memorial - President Obama shaking the hand of Cuban president Raul Castro at today's memorial. Hear why it has a Florida congresswoman in an uproar.

10 years ago today, Kenneth Walker was shot & killed by a Muscogee Co. deputy on Interstate-185. We have an EXCLUSIVE interview with the man who was behind the wheel of that SUV with Walker that night, who still has that same vehicle today.

Tell your friends, then join us for these stories and more tonight at 6 and 11!

See ya then,

 Jason Dennis

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