Be There: Double Churches's PTA receives national recognition

Be There: DCE receives national recognition for PTA participation

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus elementary school is receiving national recognition for its clever efforts in getting parents involved in their Parent Teacher Association.

We recently were told that the idea not only increased the number of PTA roles, but also caught the attention of some top administrators.

Back in August, Principal Shaw-Powell promised to dress up in a chicken suit as part of a PTA challenge. All it took was the flyer.

"We put them all over the school and every time the kids saw it and saw her they got so excited and the PTA membership just started rolling," explained Melissa Herndon, President of the Double Church's Elementary School PTA.

Before the PTA volunteers knew it, the idea of the students seeing their principal in a chicken suit was catching on like wildfire.

The number of new members grew to 250, about five times their previous amount.

At $6.00 per person for dues, the act helped the school paint Wildcat paws and purchase reading and math software for the students.

With numbers like that, the National Parent's Teacher Association took note and when they received the astounding results they hand delivered an award to Principal Shaw-Powell and the PTA staff.

Shaw-Powell recalls, "The parents really got involved, the students got involved, the staff got involved, so it's exciting to see good work by good people be recognized."

"It's so important especially in this day when we see all the budget cuts. The schools really feel it. So for us to be able to fund-raise and have extra bodies here, things like that just really help with morale," stated Herndon.

The students also helped clean up around the school, and we hear that the chicken suit is still pretty popular...students are still asking about it.

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