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Wild spray of bullets leaves holes in car windows, owners pockets


A late night shooting at the Hunter Haven apartment complex in Columbus leaves 11 victims behind.

None of the *people* were hit by bullets, but their cars were, and now they're going to have to pay for the damage themselves.

It's a bad time of year to have the windows of your car permanently down with these low temperatures. A wild spray of bullets left nearly a dozen people with holes in their glass, and pockets. After she got over the initial shock of being awakened by a series of gunshots, Tamekia Redmond-Packer said she was not prepared for extra expenses at time when she already needs to save money for Christmas presents.

"Now I'm having to get it replaced and nobody's responsible. Nobody's coming up. Nobody's saying, well I'll take the blame, or I was involved, or anything like that," said Packer.

Just before the shooting, Tanisha Monroe called 911 to report a crowd of people in the parking lot making a lot of noise and keeping her awake.

"And then a half hour after that, we heard gunshots. We came downstairs and then came outside to this."

She expressed disappointment that her attempts to notify authorities of the problem in advance were not enough to prevent it.

"I even said, that's where they were, in front of building 14. But like I said, no one actually came over to this part to investigate."

Monroe blames a fence behind her apartment building in need of repair that customers of a nearby convenience store have been cutting through. She said it generates a lot of extra traffic and brings more unsavory characters to her neighborhood.

"There's people over here constantly that don't live here, just parking over here and walking over there. You don't know what's going on. But I don't feel safe in my neighborhood anymore and I've been here since '98. It's been a long time and we've never experienced these types of problems."

In spite of all these shots being fired into a crowd, not a single person was reportedly hit.

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