Suspect connected to 8 residential burglaries caught

Suspect connected to 8 residential burglaries caught

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - One of the culprits responsible for eight residential burglaries or criminal attempt burglaries has been caught.

Derrick Johnson, 45, was caught on Dec. 10, 2013 and is now detained in Muscogee County Jail on multiple charges for burglary. He was also arrested on two outstanding warrants for theft by deception.

Multiple North Columbus burglaries during the month of November scared residents in the community. According to notes sent out by Sgt. Joe Weatherford, these burglaries mainly took place in Green Island Hills, Adams Park subdivision, Brookstone subdivision and Garret Pines.

Items that were taken from some residents were returned to them.

However, 61-year-old Charlie D. Miles from Adams Park Drive told News Leader 9 that his wife is still missing three of her biggest diamond rings.

"Some of these rings belonged to my wife's mother," Miles said. "I wish we could get it back. The burglar took our watches, rings, and $152 that were in our drawer."

It all happened when Miles and his wife were getting ready to leave their home around 10:30 a.m. Thursday afternoon to get his dog, Suggs, to his groomer.

"We take our dog to the groomer once a month," Miles said.

The couple returned the same afternoon at about 1 p.m, when his wife asked him if he forgot to turn off the lights in the bedroom.

"I told her I turned it off before I left," Miles recalled. "Then we realized the front door was broken into. Someone had kicked it. We entered through the garage, so it took us a minute to figure that out."

Johnson invaded Charlie's house back in Nov. 21, a week before Thanksgiving.

"We were not injured since we weren't home," Miles said. "I'm grateful. But that doesn't mean it still doesn't hurt. I wish my wife got her rings back. I wish this wouldn't happen to anyone."

He installed security alarms all around his house after the scary incident. He said he is determined to have a safe Christmas, since he and his wife could not enjoy their Thanksgiving with a peaceful heart.

"I recommend people buy and install security alarms," Miles said. "It's holiday season, and it's important to have a safe Christmas."

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