For Men Only: Stay healthy this holiday season

For Men Only: Stay healthy this holiday season

It's two weeks until Christmas, and you and I will probably eat more than usual the rest of this year, with holiday parties and desserts at work.

But it doesn't mean you can't be healthy too.

In fact, we're learning more about what exercise can do for male health, in this week's "For Men Only."

A healthy lifestyle is the best cure for chronic diseases down the road, according to the lead researcher on a new study.

The study found that men who regularly exercise, along with other healthy habits, are 60 percent less likely to suffer from dementia and cognitive decline as they get older.

Cardiff University officials followed more than 2,000 men ages 45 and 59 for more than three decades. Those who didn't smoke had a healthy body weight, ate a balanced diet with less alcohol, along with exercise.

They also saw a 12 percent drop in diabetes, six percent fewer with vascular disease, and five percent reduction in deaths. The researchers say even starting exercise later in life can bring you plenty of gain.

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