WTVM 12/13/13 Editorial: Columbus mayor working to solve city’s financial issues

WTVM 12/13/13 Editorial: Columbus mayor working to solve city’s financial issues

(WTVM) - Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson is right when she says the city needs to act now to head off difficult financial choices later.

The city's general fund revenues are down due to lower sales tax revenues and higher health care costs.

Rather than avoid the controversy, Mayor Tomlinson opened up to residents in city forums, and she listened to the feedback.

Money problems are familiar to plenty of American cities, but Mayor Tomlinson is doing something about it. The city is not broke - despite an original post on our website.

But Columbus does face a $6 million shortfall.

That's because the city takes in $146 million in revenue, but expenses are $152 million.

The mayor's plan to close the gap is a solid attempt to solve the problem, just like many responsible businesses must do in the same situation. The general fund is the only money available to cover city costs.

The mayor's plan is to avoid job loss or deep cuts in services and programs.

For instance, Mayor Tomlinson suggests changes in city employee health care plans but the city would still pay two-thirds of the costs for its employees.

She also wants to reform the worker's comp administration. Having a plan is the first step toward fixing the problem.

Mayor Tomlinson is proposing some measured solutions to fiscal problems so the city can avert a crisis.

It's the right thing to do to keep Columbus growing.

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