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NEW DEVELOPMENT: Boy loses Christmas present to Grinch playing finders-keepers

suspect's vehicle (obtained by Debri West) suspect's vehicle (obtained by Debri West)

UPDATE: Phenix City Police recovered the Play Station from a man who claims he found it in the woods of Idle Hour Park.  The rest of the missing items, however, are still missing.  The 15-year-old's Christmas/birthday gift is now in his possession.


An opportunist picked up a misplaced shopping bag from a parking lot and has yet to return the items to their rightful owner.

That shopping bag contained a Play Station 4 which was intended to be a West Point boy's Christmas present.

The boy's mother, Debri West, set the bag down in the parking lot of a McDonald's while rearranging items in her car and forgot to put it back in.

"That's all he ever wanted. It's all he ever talked about this year. He saved his birthday money to buy it," said West. "His birthday is on November 10, so this was going to be his birthday and Christmas present."

As soon as she realized her mistake, West returned to the McDonald's, but the bag was gone.  Employees checked surveillance video for her and they discovered that a stranger got to the bag first. That suspect appears to be a female who left in a white car.

If the stranger intended to return the Play Station, West said she easily could have because she coincidentally put her ID and credit cards in the same bag while consolidating her items. Now she has to replace those too.

"She has my information," West said. "Yet, she failed to return it to me like a good person would. I am hurt. She hurt my son. All he ever wanted was a PlayStation 4 that he collected money to get. He's a good kid, and I have nothing to give him this Christmas."

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