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'Tis the season for safeguarding your home


This holiday season it seems finding the perfect Christmas gift isn't your only concern. According to officials with CrimeStoppers, this time of year crooks seem to increase their attacks.

We all love putting up Christmas trees and decorating our home for the holidays, but authorities say that actually can be a downfall and make the home an even bigger target.

The reason, thieves are able to see more of what you have. So an easy task, just close the blinds. Even though you may want to show off your tree, if not careful when away, crooks can also see everything that you have under the tree.

If going out of town, don't leave your Christmas lights on. Instead, put them on a timer so they are off during the day.

For some grinches, they don't even have to go inside the home to steal your gifts. Authorities say people are taking packages delivered right from the front porch.  Consider having the order sent directly to the local delivery company's office instead of your home.

"It is very frustrating. You don't want to find out a package you got for your child for Christmas is stolen from the front porch. It's better to just have the packages delivered to the location of the business, so you know they can be okay," stated Tony Garrett, Community Development Director for Central Alabama CrimeStoppers. 

For expensive items, like those nice flat screen TVs, go ahead and write down the serial number, model number, and even engrave it. Officials suggest engraving your drivers license number. With your driver's license number, if the item does get stolen and police find it, they can see the number, look it up, and quickly contact you. 

Those of us who are still at home can do our part to protect the neighborhood. Keep an eye out and report suspicious activity to police immediately.

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