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Update on AL's online insurance verification system


It's impacting millions of Alabama drivers, the Online Insurance Verification System, also known as OIVS. Officials say more than 30 million verification requests have been made, but there have been some problems.

Officials says overall, the system has been a success, but some law enforcement officers are having problems verifying insurance.

State Motor Vehicle Division officials say just look at the numbers, 30 million online insurance verification system requests since January.

"We've been very pleased with the system overall. It's allowing the department to identify those registrants who may not have insurance," Alabama Dept. of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division Director Brenda Coone says.

In order to verify insurance you need four pieces of information: The policy number, NAIC number, vehicle identification and the date of the request.

"The system sends a web service call to the insurer's website and hits our system and it sends back either a confirmed or unconfirmed response," Coone explains.

"Confirmed" is evidence of insurance; "unconfirmed" if it's not for whatever reason.

Coone says over 6,500 law enforcement officers statewide are having success using the system.

But in previous reports with the City of Montgomery, and speaking with Montgomery Police Chief Kevin Murphy, WSFA 12 News has learned that many Montgomery police officers are having trouble confirming insurance.

"There are times when insurance companies may have their sites down for maintenance, so that would give you unavailable," Murphy said. Also, if any of the information is incorrect, you can get an unconfirmed message."

Officials say other states are also checking in to see how the system is working. Many are watching this system to see how successful it is and how technicians are working to resolve some of these issues.

Officials say keeping the system up-to-date and working properly is a team effort with insurance companies, the Alabama Department of Public Safety, the Department of Insurance and local law enforcement agencies.

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