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EXCLUSIVE: Home burglars snatch dog, owner pleads for his return


Less than a week before Christmas, a Columbus woman is heartbroken and angry after someone broke into her home Thursday night, Dec. 19.

Kiekka Hamler was working the night shift when she got a call from her home security company, ADT. They alerted Hamler that the alarm at her home on Forrest Rd. was going off.

"When I came home the lights were on in the house and the door was opened," Hamler recalls.

Her kitchen door had been kicked in. She rushed past the police, and into the house.

"I came straight to the back. [The] room was in shambles," Hamler says.

Two Flat screen TV's had been stolen, as well as her most valuable possession.

"I noticed that my dog was gone. Someone had taken him," Hamler cries.

Her 4-year-old Yorkshire terrier "Toby" was nowhere to be found. The dog gate was cracked in half; his room left in shambles.

Hamler says she ran outside, praying to God Toby had simply run out of the house.

"I'm calling him, searching and I just break down [outside]," Hamler says.

The family says they're keeping Toby's things right where they are because they'll do whatever it takes to get him back.

"Please, there is a reward. If you buy him from somebody whatever you paid I will give you that money back. Just please return him," Hamler pleads.

Toby weighs five to six lbs. His tan, black, and gray hair is freshly groomed, and he has a microchip. 

"Toby is more than loved. He has his own room. He has his own things. He had his own TV before whoever took him took the TV as well," Hamler's sister Shera includes.

Hamler just recently took "Toby" to see Santa. She says she wants nothing more than to have him back for Christmas.

If you have seen Toby please call: (706) 577-9286 or (404) 991-0926

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