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Dogs found abandoned, starving in Montgomery


Humane officers in Montgomery are trying to track down the owner of two dogs that were found starved and abandoned Friday at a home on the south side of the city.

The Humane Society of Montgomery was notified about the animals who were left chained up with no way to fend for themselves.

One of the dogs was unresponsive. The other was found nearby weak from malnutrition. Both animals are emaciated.

"When you get to a scene and the dogs are unresponsive and not moving and can't even stand up, it really gets to you sometimes," said Robert Bryant, the Deputy Humane Officer who responded to the scene.

Dr. Danny Goodwin with the Goodwin Animal Hospital in Montgomery says the dog found unresponsive is clinging to life. His staff is caring for the Labrador-schnauzer mix around the clock because his condition is so bad. They're calling him Teddy.

"This is a dog that was at an abandoned house. The utilities had been cut off so we don't know how long he'd been there. He'd been chained up. He came in and was in shock and couldn't hold his head up. His body temperature was 81. Normal temperature should be around 101. We got it up to 88 now...He weighs 30 pounds and should weigh 60,65 pounds....the next 24-48 hours will be critical for Teddy but once we get through that, then I think he should make a fine puppy for someone to adopt," Dr. Goodwin said.

The staff at the Montgomery Humane Society is taking care of the other dog.

Steven Tears, executive director of the Montgomery Humane Society, says the Humane Officer Division handles several calls every month for abandonment but they aren't typically as extreme as this most recent case.

"We find ourselves in this position quite often," he told WSFA. "The Humane Officer Division handles several calls every month for abandonment but luckily they aren't usually in as bad as shape as this when we get there. It's absolutely horrendous and unacceptable. There's so many options that people have to give their pet away- give it to somebody else, bring it to the shelter, call for assistance. Just to lock it up in the backyard and let it starve to death- who does that? It's disgusting."

"That's just like starving a child. An animal cannot take care of themselves and if you leave them chained up, then can't even fend for themselves and possibly dig out and climb the fence where they can at least go and look for food. It's horrible to think of," Dr. Goodwin added.

Officials say typically, they see pet abandonment in cases where the owners have moved or were evicted.

Thankfully, around the holidays, they're seeing fewer and fewer cases of animals being abandoned or brought in to the shelter after they were given as Christmas presents. The Humane Society does not allow animals to be adopted as gifts. Instead, they offer gift certificates for folks to come in and pick out their new pet themselves.

"People understand the expectation of pet ownership. Now that the expectation is so high, more people are being responsible in the proper care of their animals, not just throwing them out of the street or returning them because they didn't want it as a gift or it's not the dog they wanted," Officer Bryant said.

"But if they buy a dog or cat or adopt one and it doesn't work out, that's why the Humane Society is here," Tears added.

But sadly, in cases like the one from Friday, some pets aren't as lucky. Authorities say the abandoned dogs' owner faces criminal prosecution. An exact location of the where the dogs were found is not being released due to the ongoing investigation.

"We're trying our hardest to save them and get them back in the health they need to be in. That way we send them to be adopted by a family that's going to take care of them," Bryant added.

To help the two abandoned dogs and make donations to assist in the care of other needy animals at the shelter, you can contact the Montgomery Humane Society at 334) 409-0622.

If you suspect animal abuse or neglect, call Humane Deputies at 334-409-0622 ext. 208 or 210.

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