WTVM 12/20/13 Editorial: Your opinions matter

WTVM 12/20/13 Editorial: Your opinions matter

(WTVM) - A few weeks ago, I invited viewers to write in with their opinions, so I could share them with all of you.

The first comes from of Phenix City, who wrote urging merchants to verify the identity of every credit card customer.

Jerry writes; "I use my debit card a great deal. Only 10 percent of the places I use actually ask for my ID."  Jerry adds, 'I myself don't sign my card, I write 'ask for ID' in the signature block."

Great idea, Jerry. An extra look at the cash register would protect both the merchant and the card holder.

I also got a heartfelt letter from of Columbu, worried she will never get ahead working her fast food job and wants lawmakers to increase the minimum wage.

DeAngela writes; "I shouldn't have to work a second job just to get by, but these days it looks like I won't have a choice. I'm going to school eventually', she continues, 'but in the meantime a little help at our hard working jobs is all I'm asking for."

The best part of DeAngela's letter is that she plans to further her education…because then she will control her own destiny - always a better plan than hoping others change a particular law.

Thanks to Jerry and DeAngela, and if you have an opinion or idea to share, please email me or send me a letter to the station.

We care what you think!

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