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Target offers 10% discount to all customers this weekend, apologizes for ID theft


40 million credit card numbers stolen in a single attack on Target's internet databases. Thieves gained access to every transaction that occurred between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15.  That leaves a large percentage of the population liable to fraudulent purchases now, or in the future. But it's not first time a major company has been hit by hackers and some shoppers say that keeping an eye out for suspicious activity is just part of their daily routine.  

But if anything good can be said about identity theft, it's translating to a big discount for holiday shoppers.   In his letter of apology to customers, The CEO of Target said, "We're in this together, and in that spirit, we are extending a 10% discount - the same amount our team members receive."

The discount is for Saturday and Sunday only.  

Usually putting off your Christmas shopping can be a headache, but in this situation, it's actually paying off.   Shoppers who are a day early for the discount are disappointed that they didn't wait.

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