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Blinded Veterans Association of Columbus helps families in need of Christmas miracle


The members of the Blinded Veterans Association of Columbus (BVAC) are no strangers to difficult challenges. That may be one reason why they find it so important to reach out to others in need.

Today, Dec. 21, the BVAC donated several hundred dollars worth of groceries to two families going through particularly difficult times this Christmas. They also took the kids from each family to Wal-Mart—a combined total of eight children—and gave them each $100 to purchase Christmas presents.

BVAC President Robert Dorsey says the organization members collected and contributed all the resources to give to the families. "We're a small organization, but we try to do as much as we can in the community," he says.

Vice President Clifford Jones says, "By being veterans, we get a lot of things ourselves. So, we feel it's time for us to start giving back. And that's what we're doing now—giving back."

The BVAC informally partnered with Macedonia Christian Ministries in order to select the families for the giveaway. Pastor James Allen says the veterans' mission coincides with the church's mission of impacting the community in a positive way. "I think this is the greatest expression of giving," he says. "This is what the season is all about."  

"It's overwhelming," says Ebony James, one of the mothers receiving the gifts from the BVAC. "I feel blessed. You just never know when your season is. That's how I feel. And I'm just excited, happy and thankful."

Donista Williams is the other recipient, and says she is happy her children will have a nice Christmas. "They're going to be really happy, because some of the things they've asked for, they're going to be able to get."   

Dorsey says their intention is to make the giveaway an annual event, and increase the number of families they help each year. Their goal is to help four families in the same way next Christmas season.   

The BVAC has 49 members in Columbus. Jones wishes to extend an invitation to all visually-impaired veterans to become involved, adding that they meet every last Thursday of the month at the VA Clinic on 13th Ave from 10 a.m. to noon.

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