Community leaders oppose President Obama’s Ga. judicial court nominations

Community leaders oppose President Obama’s Ga.’s judicial court nominations

(WTVM) - A group of community leaders in Georgia announced their opposition Monday to President Obama's nominations for the U.S. District Court's northern district of Georgia.

They say the proposed candidates do not reflect the diversity of the district.

"Some of those nominees have views and impulses that are out of step with citizens of the northern district of Georgia, and it's for this reason that we're asking President Obama to withdraw this slate and to restart with process that's open, transparent and inclusive," said Charles Johnson with Advocate for Action.

"Justice cannot be found in some secret deals and negotiation that shut the people out," said Rep. John Lewis (D). "Mr. President, the lives of the people in this state are hanging in the balance. We question whether this is the kind of legacy you want to leave in the state of Georgia. We believe it is not too late to turn this train around."

The coalition also says it's troubled that among the nominees are people who advocated for Georgia's voter ID laws and keeping the confederate emblem on the Georgia state flag.

In a statement released by the White House last week, the President called the candidates "highly-qualified" and said they would be "valuable additions" to the U.S. district courts.

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