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Governor orders new election in Hazlehurst Alderman race

HAZLEHURST, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Voters will have to return to the polls in Hazlehurst next year, to settle a Municipal alderman race, where a Judge says multiple state election laws were broken.

Governor Phil Bryant has ordered a new election be held there, after the election results were thrown out by the Judge issuing the order. @

The election will be a do-over for the Ward 1 municipal race between Incumbent Frank Andre' Jones and challenger Jessie R. Larry.

The ruling was made by Special Circuit Judge Billy J. Landrum, who was brought in to hear complaints of election violations, brought to light by Larry and his attorney.

The Judge's order said illegal votes were counted, legal votes were not counted, un-registered voters were allowed to vote, just to name a few.

The court also found that members of the Democratic Executive Committee were not properly elected, and did not receive the proper training before the election.

They also found one of the Committee members, didn't even live in the city of Hazlehurst.

Jessie Larry says as a first time candidate, he didn't know what to expect, but never thought multiple people would try to steal the election from him.

Jessie Larry said, "How could this happen? I saw it happen first hand and that's disgusting to know that were supposed to be a part of the election process and it should be fair.   For me to see it wasn't as fair as it should have been, that's ridiculous."

Larry's attorney James Shannon plans to now bring the case to Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood, in efforts to prosecute the election law breakers.

The new election will be held on February 4, 2014.

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