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Six hospitalized in Hopewell hit and run, including child


A 24 year old Hopewell woman is booked into the Riverside Regional Jail charged with six counts of felony hit and run and driving with a suspended license. The charges come after a hit and run on Gloucester and Bolling Drive that sent six people to the hospital, including children.

"By the time I pulled in to pull around, it was already like boom boom boom. It happened so fast. I mean fast," said S. Hunter who noticed the aftermath.

Authorities transported six victims to the hospital, including adults, teenagers, and a 4 year old child. A neighbor saw the victims after police say Satesha Linton hit them with a car.

"She was laying in the grass. She flew over the fence. She was the first one that hit that car. She flew," Hunter said.

It's why Antonio Stanford took action.

"I stood outside and I waved the police down to let them know this is the suspect that did the damage," he said.

It happened in his back yard.

"She turned around. I told her ‘Stop. Get out your car.' She drove up 2 houses, pulled into the back yard and she went home. I followed her to make sure I get those keys and get her out the car," Stanford said.

No one answered the door of the home where witnesses say Linton parked. Police believe she went inside to hide. Behind the home, there was a Kia parked with damage to the front bumper. It matches the description of the car police say Linton was driving.

"I think it's sad for someone to run someone over with a car, whatever they were arguing about," Hunter said.

Officers say Linton had an altercation with one of the victims prior to the crash, but they don't believe she intended to hit them -- even though police say the suspect kept driving.

"It's a sad thing when you have a hit and run and I was lucky to be there to see the suspect that did it without them getting away…A little child that was innocent got hit," Stanford said.

Neighbors say this could not have happened at a worst time, the holidays. But the good news here, police say the victims are expected to be ok.

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