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New recycling capabilities in Columbus for the holiday clean-up


Another Christmas has passed, and now it is time for the big holiday clean-up.

With wrapping paper, cardboard boxes and tree decorations covering many floors, Pat Biegler from Public Works in Columbus, Ga. highly recommended that residents recycle for this year's clean-up.

"I'm hoping that we will see a significant increase in the amount of recycling this holiday season," Pat Biegler said. "For the first time, our residents can recycle cardboard."

A new sustainability center was created toward the end of 2013 in Columbus located off Schatulga Rd.

"We have a set goal to take our recycling in the city from 4 percent to 40 percent," Pat said. "We want to do that in the first year."

Waste collectors visit local designated neighborhoods once a week to collect recycling, and yard waste; they come twice a week to pick up trash.

"Recycling can change our future by helping our landfill space," Pat said. "At current rate, we can use the landfill for up to 28 more years. Afterwards, we have to pay anywhere from 20 to 30 million dollars for closure and post closure activities. If we recycle, we can extend the life of that landfill for 60 years."

Pat also said the city can make money from cardboard, and recycling can help our environment by saving trees and other resources.

"Recycling can solve many problems," Pat added.

However, Pat said artificial trees cannot be recycled. The fake trees will still have to go into trash. Natural trees can be picked-up by the garbage collectors on waste day if placed on the yard.

"Cardboard boxes should be disposed in certain way as well," Pat said. "From what I see and read, people can make themselves a target when they leave up cardboard boxes of gigantic television or other expensive items."

Pat recommended that people break down or flatten cardboard boxes in order to not attract thieves, and to prevent similar crimes.

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