LifeSouth Blood centers in emergency need of donations

LifeSouth Blood centers in emergency need of donations

Lanett resident, Cynthia Scott, is terrified of needles. However, she overcame her fear Thursday to help save the lives of others.

"I've had family that's had to get blood so I know the necessity and the importance of it. I'm looking forward to it, I'm nervous, but I'm doing it."

It was released Thursday that there is an emergency need for O-negative blood types.

O-negative blood is rare, vital for newborns and critical for use in emergencies.

"It is very hard to find people with O-negative blood. So, if anyone has O-negative, we desperately need it," explains LifeSouth Blood Center Recruiter, Jeni Garner.

LifeSouth Community Blood Centers needs your help to reverse the significant drop in blood supplies of all types this season.

The non-profit center provides 100 percent of the blood and blood supply to the East Alabama Medical Center and six other local hospitals.

The blood is processed so quickly and given right back to your community, it stays here. You could be helping your friends, somebody you know on Facebook, or it could be you. You never know where the need for blood is," says Garner.

The "bloodmobile" will be parked at the Village Plaza in Lanett Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

One donation will get you free admission to Jump for Joy and a large pizza from Papa John's.

You will also be entered into a raffle to win various prizes including a Playstation 4 and two tickets to Jody Fuller and Jeff Foxworthy's comedy show on January 23rd, which benefits the Hudson Family Foundation.

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