Officer dragged by car while attempting to arrest alleged shoplifters

Del Gilley. Columbus Police Department.
Del Gilley. Columbus Police Department.

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus police officer was injured while trying to arrest two suspects who allegedly shoplifted from a Kohl's store on Whittlesey Blvd.

According to the police report, Del Gilley and an unknown female stole assorted jewelry from the Kohl's then fled to a nearby Sears parking lot.

An officer who worked at Columbus Park Crossing part-time responded to the shoplifting report. She states that when she caught up to Gilley and attempted to arrest him, he pushed her to the ground and ran away. The female suspect ran to a white Pontiac Gran Prix to escape.

The officer attempted to arrest the woman who was inside the car, but the suspect resisted by pushing the officer away and fighting. When the officer pulled out her taser, the suspect turned on the ignition and drove away. The officer was dragged about 15 ft and sustained injuries to her hands, elbows, and knee.

Gilley was arrested but the unknown woman has not been arrested at this time.

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